Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Belly Jeans

Why Belly Jeans you might ask?That's thanks to my spoonerism. The crazy shit that happens when you mix up sounds in a sentence or word.  Here are some of my ooops moments. 

Can I have a bag of Belly Jeans? ( Jelly Beans)
Mawn Lower ( Lawn Mower) 
The sen is sutting ( The sun is setting) 
I put it in the chicken ( kitchen) 
I heard a really bad salad today ( Sad Ballad) 
I have to shake a tower ( take a shower )

And my favourite so far: 

Large Cop Porn please! You should have seen the face of the girl behind the counter at the movies. 

On that note , here is MJ to entertain you for a bit.


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